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An Extraordinary Grandfather

What’s fancy about “extraordinary” is the word “extra.” Extraordinary people are like precious gems among the stones in the world. Aside from the fact that they’re rare, they live a wonderful life in the midst of the usual everyday occurrence. We are all extraordinary human beings but there is stories worth to tell. I would… Continue reading An Extraordinary Grandfather

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Be A Responsible Citizen To Create A Calamity Resilient Community

A calamity resilient community can be achieved if the people in the community are well-informed and prepared about the calamities that may occur in the area. Calamities are inevitable and being prepared, alertness and presence of mind are the key to resiliency. A lot of calamities can occur here in the Philippines, these are: Volcanic… Continue reading Be A Responsible Citizen To Create A Calamity Resilient Community

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How To Embrace Being a Filipino?

It’s lovely when a Filipino got to hear a fellow Filipino say, “I Am Filipino. I love being a Filipino” or “Pinoy ako.” If Jose P. Rizal is still alive today, he would be happy to know that there are Filipinos loving their nationality and the Filipino blood that runs through their veins. Today, we… Continue reading How To Embrace Being a Filipino?

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How To Use Social Media Responsibly?

In this technology age, anyone can have an access to social media. According to A Profile of Internet Users In The Philippines by Rappler, 47% of total population of survey respondents chose Social Media as the Top Online Activities. There are 47 million active Facebook accounts in the Philippines. People are hooked up to social media as their medium for communication, entertainment, acquire information… Continue reading How To Use Social Media Responsibly?