how to graduate in college

Tips On How To Graduate In College


The defining moment of a college student is during his senior year. It’s like the half kilometer trail remaining to reach a mountain’s peak. It’s like 500 meters away at the sea back to the shore. But most likely, it’s a ten step sprint to the finish line.

Four years have never been easy for a college student. It’s a bumpy ride that you’ve got to enjoy.  Reaching the last phase of college can be exciting, thrilling, and satisfying. But if you’re an upcoming college neophyte, or a struggling college student, here are the tips of how to get that stunning diploma:

  1. Go To School Well-Prepared

If you thought college would be just a stroll in the park, don’t think of that. No. College is not like just a stroll in the park. You have to come well-prepared. Prepare yourself first in the morning.  Dress neatly and gather positive vibes. Make sure to come to school not just because the society requires you to have a degree, but to have the fact that you’ll learn and you have your goals in life.

  1. Make Sure You Have Learned From Your Classes

Physically present but mentally absent is too old school and doesn’t fit in college. In every class, there’s learning spell or you to acquire and you must catch it. If you think you’re not learning, make an effort to understand or ask the professor to explain further.

  1. Never Deprive Yourself From Food and Nutrition

Letting hunger get in to your system is a bad idea. To be sick in college is like letting the antagonist win in the play. Don’t pass your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you can’t have your breakfast due to early class schedule demands, have at least biscuits or crackers in your bag. Don’t forget to bring bottled water. You must stay hydrated because were living in a tropical country.

  1. Studying is Your Bestfriend

If you study ahead for your class, you’ll have that confidence that you’ve learn something about the topic in class. You can ask questions about what confuses you or something you don’t understand. But we are most likely known for studying because there’s an upcoming exam. Take time to gather your notes and make sure it’s complete. It will help you prepare for the midterms and finals.

  1. Don’t Mess With The Deadline

Deadline is deadline and you must submit within the deadline. Prioritize your outputs due to its submission. The process might be hard but remember how satisfying would it be if you’re done and would have that deserving sleep that you lack when you stayed up all night just to finish your output.

  1. It’s Not Bad To Have Fun

Take some time to have a break because you deserve it from all the stress your school is offering. Have bond with your friends and classmates. Make the most of your free time and leisure time.

  1. Learn to Prioritize

Remember you have goals in life and you must reach it. Prioritizing is the key to have a full and undivided attention towards your goals.

  1. Hope and Pray For Your Future

You must work on to your dreams and have faith that it will come true. Hope is an intangible thing but makes a great difference. Hope that you can be what you want to be in the future and pray for it. Praying and have faith is the special recipe for success. God hear our prayers and he will give the desires of our heart if it is for our own good.

  1. Never Give Up

A too overused phrase but had a great impact. As a college student, you’ll deal a lot of stress, failure and negativity along the road to success but remember that these are prerequisite to greatness. Learn to love when you fall because every scar showed how greatly you’ve fought from a battle.

Now, don’t forget that after trailing the one kilometer left, you’ll certainly enjoy the breathtaking view. You’ll swim back that remaining 500 meter and as you reach the shore, you’ll definitely love breathing the world’s lovely oxygen. Finally, you’ll finish the race victoriously.


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