extraordinary grandfather

An Extraordinary Grandfather

story time with grandpa

What’s fancy about “extraordinary” is the word “extra.” Extraordinary people are like precious gems among the stones in the world. Aside from the fact that they’re rare, they live a wonderful life in the midst of the usual everyday occurrence. We are all extraordinary human beings but there is stories worth to tell.

I would like to share a story of an extraordinary person I’ve got to experience with. Here is his amazing story of existence.

I have never seen an awesome grandfather who loves his grandchildren dearly. Papa Ben has two lovely grandchildren and these are Lucas and Alexie. Lucas is six years old while Alexie is 3 months old. When Lucas was a baby, Papa Ben took care of him. He would stay up at night when Lucas was crying when it’s his milk time or poop time. When Lucas grew up as a toddler, he taught him how to walk. He would hold Lucas hands as the cute creature is looking his feet that are making a step. Lucas grew up good enough to attend the school in kindergarten. His grandfather would send him to their school and pick him up after. Papa Ben knows’s Lucas’ itinerary and school’s agenda.He would tell his loving grandfather about his happenings in school. About how he got his first star, perfect quizzes and even the time he had a good laugh with his classmates. Lucas went to his 1st grade when Alexie was born. Alexie is a cute little baby with puffy and fluffy cheeks, crimson lips, sparkling eyes, well figured eyebrow and she looks too beautiful. Papa Ben handle baby Alexie with too much care when she was on her weeks old up to 1st and 2nd month. He would also stay up at night when Alexie would cry in search for milk and during her poop time. She felt secured at his grandfather’s warmth arms. Alexie would smile and coo when Papa Ben talks to her. Papa Ben played a great role as his grandchildren were growing up. They love him dearly because he had shown love to his family. Papa Ben would sacrifice his precious sleep just to take care and making sure that his grandchildren are having their lovely slumber.

Papa Ben’s story can be of any similar to other people due to coincidence but what makes him extraordinary is that, he had shown greater love as a grandfather towards his grandchildren. He prays that one day, these children would have a better world to live in despite of today’s generation’s condition.

Photo credits: http://espectacularkids.com/blog/en/entertainment-ideas-for-grandparents-and-grandchildren/


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