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Be A Responsible Citizen To Create A Calamity Resilient Community

A calamity resilient community can be achieved if the people in the community are well-informed and prepared about the calamities that may occur in the area. Calamities are inevitable and being prepared, alertness and presence of mind are the key to resiliency. A lot of calamities can occur here in the Philippines, these are: Volcanic Eruption, Earthquake, Typhoon, Tornado, Tsunami, Fire, Flood and other natural and man-made disaster. Here are the lists of the tips on how to survive any calamity:

1. Know Well Your Area

It’s very important to know your community well. Be familiarized with your area and the vicinity. The Phivolcs made a FaultFinder web app that can help you check the nearest fault in your area. This can help you know the fault line in your area and help you prepared if an earthquake occurs. Study the distance of your place for emergency evacuation.

2. Be Prepared

Preparation is vital when it comes to disaster. We have to be prepared not just physically, but mentally. First, bear in mind what to do during and after a disaster. It will help you to stay calm during the catastrophe. Prepare your belongings and a survivor pack when there’s news about a upcoming typhoon that might occur at your place.

3. Be Informed

There are a lot of flyers, infographics and Information-Education-Communication (IEC) materials that are available here in the province and city of Iloilo. People must read these in order to be informed and educate themselves. We must make use of our resources in order to survive and save others lives.

4. Be Alert

Presence of mind is a man’s shield during disaster. Panicking won’t help you in any ways. It will invite disaster. Remember what you’ve learned and apply it. Believe you can survive and able to help others.

Here’s an infographic of Typhoon Life Saver that can help us be prepared during disaster


The aftermath of the disaster can be a tough one but remember that we can survive and get back to our lives with a wiser mind and a courageous heart.


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