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How To Embrace Being a Filipino?

It’s lovely when a Filipino got to hear a fellow Filipino say, “I Am Filipino. I love being a Filipino” or “Pinoy ako.” If Jose P. Rizal is still alive today, he would be happy to know that there are Filipinos loving their nationality and the Filipino blood that runs through their veins.

Today, we are living in a society where imported chocolates are bought rather than chocnuts, barnuts or Lola’s infamous tablea.  We prefer iPhone than MyPhone, but I’m not encouraging you not to buy an iPhone because you can get one if you can afford just don’t be in a huge dept. MyPhone has various affordable with brilliant features and comes in different designs and colors. Plus it was locally made by Filipinos.

In this infographic, niza

I highlighted three major points on how to embrace the Filipino blood. These are:

  1. Loving the Brown Skin

Filipino society’s definition of beautiful skin is a fair skin. Filipinos are more attracted to fair skin rather than those of brown skin or what we called “Kayumanggi.” In other countries, being brown skinned are praised because they think it is beautiful. We should stop the mentality of degrading our own skintone. We are beautiful. Being brown skinned is BEAUTIFUL.

  1. Embracing Local Products

Filipinos are creative. We have local products that are showcased in other countries. Filipino made is being patronized by other countries. We should patronize our own product too.

  1. Only In the Philippines

Philippines live through diversity. Our uniqueness is being embraced. Our country has a lot to offer and we have exclusive beautiful creatures, sceneries and local products that are Only in The Philippines.

Being Filipino is not just having the qualities, traits or appearance. It is also not just because you’re living or born here in the Philippines. But it is a Filipinos undying love for his country and the Filipino virtues that fires in our heart.





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