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How To Use Social Media Responsibly?

In this technology age, anyone can have an access to social media. According to A Profile of Internet Users In The Philippines by Rappler, 47% of total population of survey respondents chose Social Media as the Top Online Activities. There are 47 million active Facebook accounts in the Philippines. People are hooked up to social media as their medium for communication, entertainment, acquire information of news and current events, and to avoid boredom. In this video,

  we highlighted the three important thing to remember on How To Use Social Media Responsibly:

  1. Posting your personal information on  Social Media is not a good idea. Your address, school ID, passport info, phone number should be kept private to avoid instances like identity theft. You’ll be surprised to have unknown callers and stalkers.
  2. Never post your rants and frustrations online. People may don’t care about it or they’ll be glad it happened to you. The accessibility of social media helps employers know more about their employees. It will be a bad remark to see your rants and frustration posted on the internet.
  3. Time management is important. Social media’s main goal is to entertain and a medium for communication. It should be used wisely. Your future is far more important than wasting your time on the web. Never flunk that test while you’re having a nonsense agenda on online.

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